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I ‘ve been working with Kehinde for 18 months. She gets me to the gym and always has a program ready for me. I can trust the progression is built-in to the program, so I don’t have to do any planning or worrying about how to get to the next level”


” You have made sure my form is correct before I have been able to progress. You have been working on my hinge pattern to decrease the negative impact on my lower back. You have created exercises to take the strain off of my back and if I feel the slight sense of pain in my back you do not let me do that exercise. I am starting to see results which is the biggest motivating factor”


Kehinde is a phenomenal trainer! She is very empathetic, extremely professional, great fun and she yields fantastic results. Thanks mainly to my training with her, I lost around 40 pounds over 9 months only! I highly recommend her.

/ Dalia Tarabay/

Kehinde is such an amazing trainer! She created a great 1 hour long session and I would high recommend anyone looking for a personal trainer use her, you will see results!

/Kiandra Pinkerton/

Kehnide is a very knowledgeable, professional woman. It’s been two years and I’m learning as I progress. I highly recommend her!

/Adrennine Milea/

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Together  we will work to unlock the results you want. At every step of the way, you’ll be driven by Kehinde Anjorin using the latest science during your in-person sessions and at home with Virtual Personal Training. Kehinde will prove you with the right tools needed to achieve and maximize your fitness goals. 




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